Reporting a weird bug with the analyze board

Hey, I’ve been noticing lately that sometimes on the analyze board, after a set number of moves (e.g. 200 or so), the move tree (the one that appears in the little box that shows all the branches) will disappear. Like I will still be able to right click to the next move, but the little box will not show that there are any moves after some set number. It’s not really a big deal, since I can still see the game, but it looks weird lol. Just wanted to let you guys know. :smile:

Oh also…I’m refreshing an analyze board right now (the game between Yuta and Yamashita) and each time I refresh a new tree branch comes up…it’s really weird.

This bug seems to happen at move 227…on several games it drops out at move 227

Which game are you seeing this on?

I see it in every game that is over 227 moves. It always happens at move 227.

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