Reporting "hgb"

I made another topic today, I didn’t know if to post it there, or to make a new thread, I think it’s tidier this way.

Exact same game as it was with the other player I reported today earlier, I couldn’t believe it—>

He was losing by far, so he started making nonsense moves, then when he finally passed he marked my stones as dead 3 times, the 3 times I changed them to alive. Then he returned to the game, he made 1 move and resigned.


He might be a beginner, I’m sure you will soon get a better rank and see less unecessary moves by your oponnents, just try to keep your calm, you can never know who the person on the other end is or if he is doing it in bad faith.


Hey legas,

he looks like a Beginner that is having problems with proper handling the game mechanics.

I will watch him for a couple of days though, and supervise him if he is playing weird again. In most cases, it’s only a misunderstanding and no malicious intent behind this. :blush:

Thanks for the report!


I am sorry but I don’t agree, making dumb moves could be because he is begginer (though he is 16k and not on test). But marking my stones as dead 3 times is clearly on porpouse.
Okay, I want to make clear that I had similar problems with lower kyu people and I didn’t report them, cause I know they might not know the game enough, I only decided to report him because of the stone removal phase thing.

Edit: I don’t expect a ban or anything, I just thought reporting this was okay, I don’t know what you do with guys in this situation.

In situations like this, we watch and try to judge by behavior that we witness. Marking the stones three times dead is an indicator for poor behavior, I agree; however:

From modding experience I can guarantee you that it’s not always black and white. Some people do really dumb things without purpose, and we try to get a better picture of a user in that circumstances. It’s pretty easy for us mods to watch a user, and see if he does that thing again in the upcoming games.

I can assure you, that we take every report seriously.


I never doubted that ^^

Thanks for taking the time to response