Repost of a repost -- an old discussion of the correct way to solve tsumego

I love this guide. I put together a collection of links to these books for people interested in tsumego.

Sets suggested by the original post

Book Title 101Weiqi Link
Lee Changho Life and Death 李昌镐精讲围棋死活1-6卷 - 101围棋网
Lee Changho Tesuji 李昌镐精讲围棋手筋全集 - 101围棋网
Weiqi Tsumego 1000 Problems 围棋死活1000题 - 101围棋网
Weiqi Tsumego Training Beginner 死活训练初级篇 - 101围棋网
Weiqi Tsumego Training Intermediate 死活训练中级篇 - 101围棋网
Guanzipu 官子谱-吴清源解说 - 101围棋网
Tianlongtu 天龙图 - 101围棋网

And a little imgur guide I made to get started with 101Weiqi. Google translate works nicely with it too.