Request a review of game 17k

I was white, I was wondering if any one could give me any tips on how to make my game stronger. I feel I missed at least 4 apportunities to make a good strong move and missed it.
Also, I was wondering if someone could help me understand how to perform better invasions. I missed something in this game. Overall, it was played neither well nor poorly. Well played would have had better invasions performed, in my opinion.
Thank you!

I like the invasion you did (move 90). I suppose you could have played it earlier, or a slightly different point, but that wasn’t really important in this game. I talked about other things I hope you find useful.


Thanks for taking the time mate, ill be reading up now in a bit and let you know.

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Just finished reading, Ill have to read up on the game again, but you’ve helped me understand about how making shape is supposed to help the game and how important the opening moves are. Also thanks for helping me see the problem with the nose tesuji.

Also, I’ve been in similar situations regarding the hanging connection at move40, is the closed triangle always the better choice move? I see how in my game it was since I could Atari the stone at B4. But, usually, if one did not want to lose sente and have more influence, would the closed triangle be a good play still?

I believe the main problem of the game was my lack of connection. It exposed me constantly, and making moves that appeared to give territory/sente but were really just bad for not connecting/ securing the stones or corner I had set to fix.
What do you think?

Thanks for taking the time, really. I appreciate it.

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Yeah, I also think the lack of connection was the main issue, because the consequence can break your game. The other stuff, like the hanging connection, is more about increasing efficiency, which has a nice compounding effect on the game but doesn’t typically break it.

Concerning the connection, I prefer to think about the solid connection as the default connection. I play it in general cases or when I can’t decide, and I’ve had pretty good success thinking that way. Things that might convince me to play a hanging connection are when I want to block an inroad into my territory (reach a little farther), to make a better shape (avoid empty triangle), or reasons like that. I recommend the sensei’s library pages for more guidance on this topic.

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Thanks a lot FlamingGo! Ill read up at senseis.

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