Request for account deletion

since i am not using my account anymore i kindly request for it to be deleted.
Thanks in advance,


There’s nothing there. :grin:

I was preparing a joke like “they can’t delete it because it ContainsGames” but there’s no game.

So, the only thing that could be deleted is your nickname, which you can change, if you want.


I think i played only two or three games with a friend, nevertheless i would prefer for my account to be deleted.

Don’t forget to remove the liquid first.

PS: sorry for not being very helpful, a moderator will surely answer your request when they see it.

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There is no way a moderator could actually delete your account. Accounts are permanent. The best you could get is to be banned, and I am not sure what advantages that has over just leaving it up on the off chance you want to use it.

If you are not using it anymore, you can just abandon it. No harm in that.


Hi ContainsLiquid,

The others are correct that our system does not allow for account deletion. The games you have played equally belong to your opponent and must remain accessible for them.

You can, however, make your account anonymous by changing or deleting any personal info using the profile edit tools. If you need help changing your username let me know, or I can do it for you if that would be more convenient.


Oh, okay. I guess i will do that then.

Just a short hint: You are not only ignoring article 17 of the GDPR but also choose to ignore your own TOS (in particular section d and following of the chapter Account Termination). You guys should really rewrite your TOS as it was not clear for me at the time of registration that the TOS didn’t apply.

Is there a part of the forum where i can propose changes to the TOS?

The terms of service do apply. The “termination of account” is banning. OGS has the right to ban you, denying you access to OGS but allowing others to see your profile, but it is not physically possible to actually delete an account.

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Section d explicitly specifies account termination at my own request. The other sections apply to disruptive behavior, cheating and so on.

That is why i propose to change the TOS to better reflect the status quo (termination technically impossible)

Please do understand: I do not want to harm I will not make a formal request pursuant to the GDPR or such things. I just want online-go to act according to their own TOS which specify that an account termination is possible upon my own request or for them to clarify and change that section.

Article 17 of the GDPR requires the erasure of personal data, which is exactly what I’m offering to do for you.

Account termination is defined in our ToS as:

Termination of your account includes the removal of access to some or all offerings within the Service, removal of private and public “profile information”, and at our sole discretion, removal of messages, game history, and other Content stored by


The article states you have the right for your personal data to be deleted and personal data are losely defined as data that can lead to your identification. You can delete/change all those yourself :slight_smile: and I don’t think any of has such a unique style we could correlate his/her games to his/her person (not that it would not be an interesting case though :D) oh Ruby beat me to it

You seem to have already annonymized your account, but I will double check to easy any concerns. As you seem to have gotten into quite a lively discussion here, I would feel bad terminating your forums account right away so I will leave it for a day or two, if you mind that solution, just let me know. :slight_smile:

Cheers and best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank you, yeah i anonymized everything but technically (and that is very nitpicky) i still can be identified by the timestamp and the opponent i played against. The deletion of private data isn’t so much about being identified by the community but also being identifiable by the staff. The question then is: Who assures that all my changes to my username and email are ireversible? But as stated above: I have no hard feelings towards you guys. You are providing a good service and i wish you the best. If i was to harsh i apologize. Feel free to close and or delete/archive this post at any time you see fit.

I am pretty sure the identified part is meant as identifying you as an actual person (as in can someone who only sees the data figure out who you are), not you as an online nickname. And as far as guarantees go, I am afraid there are none online (nor in a real life I guess) :slight_smile: If you give anyone your e-mail, you just have to hope for the best. I cannot imagine how any such guarantees would work.

And no need to appologize, better to discuss such things, instead of finding out later in court that we missed it :smiley: though in this case I am pretty confident what we do is legal and fair (as it would be a shame to be losing access to games one played because opponent abandoned their account)