Request for automatic Komi calculation

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Any progress on this request. I think Reverse Komi is a much more elegant form of handicap to placing stones because games are still played using normal tactics as equal games to start, but the high ranked player must play more aggressively to make up the missing stones.

Please consider adding this as a normal “game request” option.



I wholeheartedly second this! Please!!

From Senseis:

This is an experimental table for figuring out reverse komi on 19x19 games.

I think to have any sort of validity, at the very least someone would need to crunch some numbers again…

The table is based off of games played here, IIRC. Crunch away, but it seems fairly accurate based one test games I’ve played against various opponents.

The author on Senseis (is that you?) notes that

  1. How much higher than the minimum should the komi be set is verifiable only through accumulation of game results where the table is actually used.
  2. For this reason, these tables are work in progress.

So I guess the first step would be to put this in place unranked eh?

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Just pinging this to the top of the heap again. Would love this .