Request for deleting this account


I have been enjoying this awesome website. I thank you so much.

I have been trying to quit playing, and still keep coming back.

Please delete this account.

Thank you again,

Currently there is no capacity to delete inactive or unwanted accounts. There is of course no cure for ‘Go Addiction’ either.

Your best bet is to remove any personal info from the account(if you wish) and use the settings to stop email notifications.

As a last resort: Change the username & password to something random and logout. But that would be a shame. :cry:

Edit: Trying to think of better ways to manage Go Addiction:

  1. Perhaps limit yourself to ‘live’ games so that you aren’t drawn back to the site by correspondence games when you don’t actually feel like playing.
  2. When you first log in, just try a quick 9x9. Then if that satisfies, close.
  3. Try limiting yourself to a particular time of day only.
  4. If Go is interfering with something else, like study, try allowing it as a reward system.

If you have played games then we can’t delete your account, in order to maintain the record for your opponents. But we can deactivate it and prevent you from logging in.