Request for teaching game

Would be my first. Beginner. A little experience playing apps. How does this work exactly? I’m assuming it would just be a normal game with lessons and tips in the chat?

Hello @Jordanzett and welcome :slight_smile:

If you would like I am avilable for a teaching game. Correspondence only for the moment, but if we luck out on compatible timezones I usually play fairly quickly. Feel free to send me a challenge.

The way it usually works (but of course everyone’s habits are a little different) is that it is a normal game where the stronger player refrains from too aggressive and tricky moves as to be able to focus on some basic principles and get a chance for some endgame as well (when all goes according to plan).

After the game ends the more experienced player writes a review, which is a tool that allows him to attach comments to particular moves or show possible variations. Some people like to ask questions and go through the variations while the game is still in progress (as long as they remember what the plan and idea was).

I can offer you a live 9x9 game in the evenings (utc+1 time zone). The system says i’m between 15 and 12 kyu.
Just leave me a message if that suits you. :slight_smile: