Request: indicate who's online in the group list


I really like the idea of groups, we made a group for our local Go club to keep in contact in this time of Corona.

Could you please add an “online” indication next to the names in the member list on the groups page? That would make it much easier to challenge people to live games.

Thanks for a great site,

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Simply add all the members as friends and you will be able to see an online indication.

ps. +1 for the Terry P. ref.


That doesn’t work - at least not in my Android device (and thx for the +1 :wink:)

Do you use the app or the browser on Android? Because I access OGS on Chrome on Android and I don’t have a problem with the green dots next to the names. They need a few moments to come back when I’m in the metro but that’s about it.

The browser

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I can’t help you then, only the OGS overlords. But you see the green dots on a PC in Chrome, right?

I am using a Samsung J5Pro. OGS on browser (chrome). When I’m on the OGS home page I can find my friends online indicators at the very bottom of the page.

ps. It does appear to be absent on the profile page though so check home page and scroll right down.

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I use the green number at the top, click on it and my friends list shows.

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Look for and tap on this at the top of home or other OGS page.
Screenshot (10)

I’m not very familiar with OGS on android(or friends). I mostly just use it for phone blitz 9x9 in my lunch break so I’ll let others pick this up if you still have problems @Foul_Ole_Ron

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