Request of review of my game - 25K vs 13K Here is the link of the game. Could you please tell me where I did wrong and what I have to improve? I think in the middle game I made some big mistakes.

Thank you in advice

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Welcome to the wonderful game of Go! Every beginner needs time to get a grasp of basic tactics.

Move 20 was atari (threat to capture your stone). Did you not notice it or choose to ignore it (a more advanced tactic)?

Move 77 was self-atari (putting your stone where it can be captured) and move 83 would be better spent connecting your lone stone in the corner.

Move 96 was another atari but a mistake by White. If he did the atari from a different direction, your stone cannot be saved:

Move 123 was a self-atari.

Have you tried doing some elementary tsumego (puzzles)?

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Thank you for your reply,
about move 20 I fought to not respond because there’s the tiger’s mouth and I preferred to, let’s say, secure my territory. Do you think is a mistake?
Move 77 is a mistake, I don’t know why I did it and move 83 was to make 2 eyes, but the big problem is one of them, the corner one, is a false eye. I miss-reading a lot.
For move 96, thank you for the link
Move 123, is a horrible mistake.
I’m doing tsumego every day; Probably I just push some of my moves in something I can’t manage.

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20 is surely not a bad move. Still have to see if it’s the biggest on the board. The idea of 21 is good, keeping opponents groups separated and even looking to pressure to the left, but make things a bit easy to the right. Surely not your worst move.
77 is a mistake but it’s not a no sense. You put in Atari the stones you just forget that you put yourself in Atari too. That’s more a reading failure as a no meaning move.
83 is not necessary to make an eye, it’s already one with 2 spaces inside. It’s nice that you see now that the second one is a fake one. That’s learning. It’s normal to misread at your level, you have to train to see, and it will come only by playing many games. If you point your mistakes as you do, it won’t take long to get good progress.
Your sense of the game is great, you need to practice some basics like how to finish closing your boundaries.

All in all you play already quite good, have fun (and a bit of patience to see your progress)!

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Thank you very much for your reply! I really appreciated it!