Request: Quick invite player via link

Annotation 2020-05-29 122951

I think OGS should copy this feature from Lichess. As a very casual chess player this is how I play most of my games. I click ‘Play with a Friend’, chose a time setting and then send someone the link. The sender and recipient don’t even need to create accounts, if they aren’t logged in then they automatically play as a guests (and the games are of course unrated). Often I will just post the link to a group chat and play the first person to click on it.

I would personally use this feature a lot if OGS implemented it. It would remove another barrier to casual games and would also speed up the process of challenging specific users. You wouldn’t have to go through the steps of finding out their username, searching for it, and sending a challenge. It’s a lot less clicks, which makes all the difference.

OGS already has the major advantage of being able to quickly share links of ongoing or finished games/reviews, so this feels like the logical next step.


I believe this has been pitched a number of times before. I personally think its a great idea. You outlined all the reasons above why it would be good for users, but you didnt mentiaon the net positives for OGS.

This may be a way to draw in new users, and its also an easy way to introduce new players who are wary abut websits they can play on. this could be a trial to see how the site works.

If it does generate new members then it may also be a means of drawing in more site supporters who love the website that much. It would also be a means of introducing more players to the forums, to really grow our wonderful community.

I honestly dont see any negatives in this.