Request: Zen Mode Default Option Improvements

When I select “Activate Zen Mode by default”, it is currently applied across all game types (blitz, normal, correspondence).

I like zen mode for my normal games, but for correspondence games it can be a bit tedious having this feature turned on. Since I’m only viewing the game for a minute or so to play a move and then exiting out, I am forced to disable zen mode every time I want to return to my home screen.

My suggestion is to implement one of the following solutions:

  • Allow users to set this option for each individual game type (blitz, normal, correspondence)
  • Only apply the default zen mode option to non-correspondence games.
  • Add a button in zen mode to return to the home screen. Or retain the navigation bar in zen mode.

Not this one.

That one. First one is ok too.

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That seems easy enough.

I submitted a PR for it

I’ll let you all fight the “wait, what, I love auto-zen for correspondence” people :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just curious, why not have a way to navigate back to home screen in zen mode? I get that zen mode is supposed to be very minimalistic to reduce distractions, but it sorta creates a site navigation dead end as it is designed right now.

I wouldn’t want to encroach on the minimalism too much, but a simple OGS logo in the upper left that redirects back to the home page wouldn’t seem too intrusive IMO.

You mean this?

I don’t use OGS on mobile, but on desktop that button does not return to the home screen, it just disables zen mode. So in order to get back to the home screen, I first need to disable zen mode and then click on the nav bar link.

Which seems minor but ultimately is exactly why zen mode isn’t very practical for correspondence, when you need to be going in and out of games often.

I see. I understand both ways (i guess there is less “urgent” situation in corr as in live, like if you need a chat or check the infos of the game or whatever) so then maybe to give a choice in the setting panel could be best?

This is in now.

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