Requested feature: disabling auto fill

Not sure if others agree, but the auto fill feature in chat seems far more annoying than useful. As an example, if someone asks me a question and I try and answer “yes”, auto fill proceeds to put in an entire long paragraph about the World Cup that weeks ago I typed in a discussion with someone else that also started with the word “yes”. Same with “hi”. Most times I can catch it and erase the extraneous words - but other times when I am typing quickly (like in a blitz game) I don’t, much to the confusion of the other person.

After all, unless you are Charlie Matsy, how many times do you really want to repeat the same sentence over and over for months and years to come! Is auto fill really useful to anyone?

At the very least, let’s have an option to disable it… Or does this already exist and I haven’t found it?

We have no auto-fill feature, that is probably coming from an extension you have installed if I had to guess :slight_smile:

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How interesting! I never thought it was coming from my end, but I looked at my Safari preferences and saw that there is an Auto FIll section that includes a check-box for “other forms”. I unchecked it - we’ll see if that fixes it!