Requesting Review 7k vs. 6k

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Just wanting some incite from others about the flow of this game. I’m not as strong with my middle game like I was 6 years ago when I decided to just play 9x9 because it was faster. I’ve had to relearn playing 19x19 and I’m glad I can see growth again. Any helpful advice will be appreciated.

I left some comments in here
But it’s not really a review I’m proud of; I think finals week is affecting me. I thought this was a KGS game at first from all the crazy jealousy and picking fights but it wasn’t.

Take everything I say with a grain of salt im still an amateur and I end up regretting most ‘advice’ I give in reviews later

I will take it as helpful advice. We all have varied philosophies when it comes to play so having a new set of eyes on the situation will help me reevaluate the way I have been approaching the game lately. Thank you.