Resign Button Placement

I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but I play from my phone and it is incredibly easy to accidentally click the resign button. I think it would be nice if it’s location on the page was changed so as to not be accidentally clickable.


This actually came up a long time ago and the button was moved. However, the recent server update seems to have moved it back.

Or maybe I’m getting confused with the pass button? Yes, that was it. I kept accidentally passing, because the pass button is the “submit move” button and vice-Versa. I haven’t done that for a long time, but I agree, things like “pass” or “resign” should be as far away from “submit move” as possible. Otherwise it’s too easy to make an error.

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I haven’t had problems with the resign button—it prompts confirmation, anyway. But accidentally passing is a problem I’ve had and wish it didn’t appear in the same location as submit appears.

It doesn’t happen to me all the time. When it does I’m usually trying to edit something I am typing and will be pressing buttons on my keypad quickly and the resign confirmation comes up and slides down my keyboard so I almost invariably confirm. Very frustrating. And I had as well thought the location was different prior to the update but wasn’t sure. Anyway.

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