Resign Button & Tournament Notifications

      Hi mates, i just wanna say that the resign button position 

is in really too agressive including it’s color, i’m student of graphic
design. In really disturbs a lot and have a side effect, it screams in
the head of the players, please resign, resign, resign. [PNL] (…and that’s not really ok)

Maybe replacing the location will help. I agree that is a great idea,
but needs to be more subtle to the eye. Mmm and another thing is the
floating tournament notifications, please put all of this things down in
the screen inferior right corner (maybe the same for the resign

Gerardo Useche.

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Do you have any suggestions?

I admit that I also thought about the suggestivity (is that a word?) of that button. Yet I think it should be somewhere there, and also quite visible, because … I believe it will help people to use it instead of escaping!

Perhaps desaturate it? I think it could look well at 50% saturation (which should make it pink-ish).

This is with abt 50%, Typo in Black (and also made lighter):

So color changing is easy, it’s the “somewhere” is the critical piece. It cant live in the lower right since the chat input is there. On the right side in the widget box people were having problems finding it. I’m not sure where else to put it to be honest.

My suggestion: Keep the resign button where it is, but put the pass/undo buttons (which would alternate depending on whose turn it is) immediately to the left, and get rid of the red color. I suggest making pass/undo the same as pass is now (white on blue) and making resign the same as undo is now (black on white).


Yeah, the red color draws the eye and I could see hitting the resign button when I really meant to submit move. In fact I think I’ve done that :flushed: I don’t mind the location.

I like the location. Perhaps the color could be a user choice like stones or boards?

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Imho red color was better for esign button, maybe pale red one? And it’s position is now perfect! Thanks.