Resign From Tournament Doesn't Work Right

I will hit the resign from tournament button in a tournament, and confirm, but it will only resign my current games in the tournament. I have to hit it again for it to actually remove me(hit the button and confirm again). I find this really annoying because I think that when I hit the button, it should automatically resign me from a tournament after I confirm. I had been in another round in one tournament that I resigned to last time, and I was trying to resign from a different tournament today. I remembered how it didn’t resign me last time, and I scrolled down to see if I was resigned, but it had only marked all of my games as losses. I then reloaded the page and the resign from tournament button came back. I had to hit it and confirm for it to work.

Would it be possible to fix this, or if that was a feature, to have another option right next to it that would make it so I resigned from the tournament when I hit the button, not after hitting twice.


Yeah, this happened to me once , I had to hit the resign button multiple times. Although, I did get to resign after a while, it is a little frustrating.

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