Resignation bug?

In a recent game, in regular playing mode, I pressed pass and then quickly followed by resign. I wanted to pass, to count, but saw that there were still moves to be made for scoring and I was behind, so resign. The game stopped due to resignation, but win was awarded to me? :

You wanted to cancel your pass and continue playing, correct? You could either request a take back or, if both playes pass and go into counting, cancel counting and continue playing, i believe.

Resigning means you forfeit the whole game. Curiously, it was you who won by resignation instead. Is this a bug?

Quoting from chat:
[18:30]Here We Go: wait, hang on

[18:30]Here We Go: game 24785166

[18:30]Here We Go: this is not the first time your opponent has resigned while miles ahead

It is more likely that the opponent just resigned a split second before you. The opponent seems to have more games like that in their history, I will follow up with them if there is some problem, but maybe they just did not have time anymore…

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Ok, sheer coincidence then. thanks.