Resignation disagreement button

I had a game recently…
Here is my Forum post.

My Idea is to add a resignation button or something to call in a player, whoever has time, to decide if the resination is valid.

I had this Idea because a player got back into the game to resignate just to not let me win…

What do you think?

I am pretty new to the game, but I don’t quite understand what seems to be wrong with resignation. It seems to me some Go players think of resignation as somehow wimping out of a game and depriving your opponent of a rightful win, whereas I tend to think of it as an act of courtesy that acknowledges the other player’s game and wants to avoid wasting their time.
Or am I out misinterpreting the signals I get from my opponents during games?



I get that, BUT when the winner is to be declared after both players passed their turn and you realise you would lose an you disagree, just to go back in the game to resignate, that is just dumb.

Tjis would hav been my first earned win and he resignated just to not give me the points i would get…

so annoying…

What do you mean “to not give me the points I would get”? If your opponents resigns you won just the same as if you won by points and it has the same effect on your rating.

Also - your opponent may resign due to any reason they like. There is no such thing as an “Refused!” button to stop him and there should not be.


Sorry, I dont know exactly how the points are affecting the ranking.

But I mean in the Game played,
after we both have passed turns to declare the winner. Then he disagreed and I was wondering why he wanted to continue. But instead of placeing a stone he just resignated.

I think he saw the points and I was just 0.5 over his score because i had a 5.5 Komi.

It is annoying.
I hope it was clearer now.

hi there.

Points doesn’t change anything about the ranking.
It doesn’t matter if you win with 0,5 pts, 125 pts or with a resignation
There is only a “win” or a “loss” (or a timeout in certain circumstances).

Some people prefer to resign already finished games, though i don’t really know why. People are sometimes as strange as life itself :slight_smile:


Everytime someone else resigns in the scoring phase, you gain 1 style point.

Everytime you complain about it, you lose 2.


You earned a victory. A true victory. Your opponent said: “Right, you’ve won, I recognize your’re the winner”.
I agree it would be better and also simpler to just click on “Accept score” instead of going back to the game and resign, but the outcome is the same.

The final score is:

  • Black: 17 points territory + 9 captures = 26
  • White: 23 points territory + 5.5 komi = 28.5

You won by 2.5 points. Congratulations for your first win on OGS! :slight_smile:
The result is on the board and everybody can see it, no matter which button was clicked by you opponent.


Perhaps she thought she saw one last move she could play to trick you but realized after resuming the game it was cheap and decided to resign with dignity. There could be many reasons but a resign in go is almost never something to complain about. If she was doing it to annoy you, she could have made it in lots of different and more effective ways.

Just shrug it off by assuming she had a reason you can’t guess.

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