Resignation error

I just lost this game by “resignation”. OGS stopped responding, so i hit refresh and when it came back I found it had resigned me. This is very annoying. How can I stop it happening again?

Pretty strange… the only way for it to end in Resignation is if the resignation button has been pressed, and even then there is a confirmation for it.

I recently have many bag resignation (3 games out of the past 20 games or something). When I came back, already resigned. In the meantime, my pc is on , my connection is on. by the way, I play OGS on chrome web browser.

If you leave a live game page for more than 2 minutes then we will auto-resign you.

Oh, I understand. That’s why. Thank you for your advice!

i just lost a rank game that i was winning, so i went to other site to look stuff. When i come back, i found it had resign me. i didn’t press any button but i suddenly lost. how can i fix this?

why does that happen?

It’s to prevent escapers. Otherwise you can just close your browser and leave, and your opponent has to wait your whole game time.

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