Resigned then timed out on casual rengo game

In this casual rengo game:

We can see in the logs:

2022-07-08T19:58:00Z, ‘ArsenLapin1’ left: Resignation.

2022-07-24T06:50:00Z, ‘ArsenLapin1’ left: Timed out.

I resigned on July 8 specifically because I was going to be away for 2 weeks and did not want to impose the timeout on the other players. But the timeout happened anyway, long after my resignation.


The neglect of this interesting post is notable. Does anyone have an explanation for this anomaly? Can anything be done to rectify it? @GreenAsJade, @anoek

“Neglect” is an interesting choice of word. In what way is it “notable”? The whole phrase comes across as rather perjorative to me.

I wonder if my attitude guardians can advise whether I’m being overly sensitive viewing it that way? :wink:

It’s the first time I’ve seen it, less than a day after it was posted. Thanks for “drawing it to my attention”.

While clearly it’s a bug, can someone describe in more detail what the detrimental effect has been, and what perhaps should be done about it (other than fixing the bug)?


It’s notable because such interesting posts usually draw a lot of comment, but this one didn’t.

You’re welcome for my drawing it to your attention. I figured since you did a lot in the construction of the rengo functionality, that you might have the most insight and interest concerning this bug.

I wasn’t there when I timed out, I only saw the message in the logs two days ago. So I don’t know whether it was really my turn and everyone had to wait for me until I timed out; or whether the bug only produced the timeout message with no other bad effect.

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