Resigning at game end: Reportable?

Is it a reportable offence if someone resigns at the end of the game? I recently played a game (another account for 19x19 games) where we played 300+ moves, took all the remaining points in the endgame, then my opponent passed + immediately hit resign before I could pass.


Why would it be a reportable offence? Granted it’s not a nice thing to do, but it’s not something that is against the rules. Some pros resign at the end of the game too.


Does this include infilling? Kind of sounds like stalling (which is reportable)

Because it’s an abuse of the resign button to pettily stop the other player from getting to enjoy the finished board state after you’ve already gone through the time and effort to get there

That said, I lean towards it not being reportable, but I can see why it would be


I assume it meant small endgame and/or dame

They did not infill, we both just played out the remaining moves that could gain us points/prevent the other person gaining points.

It does kind of feel like stalling which is why I wanted to ask. It was fairly clear that they had lost (I won by ~100 points), however if they wanted to play to scoring I’d find that okay. But if they have no intention of going to to scoring then playing out the entire rest of the game just to resign does feel like they’re trying to waste my time.


Maybe it should be reportable under stalling

I think you could make a case, in a report, that it is stalling.

If you clearly explain the situation that took some elaboration here, then moderators may choose to ask that person to do do that.


Two player play, finish playing, everythings done, Player2 looks at the final board, sees that hes behind and lower his head to acknowledge his loss.
It’s like saying: “okay, I don’t think we need to count. You win”


Without knowing about what game this is all about, any verdict about the behaviour of the opponent seems premature.

There are some assumptions made, but on what grounds?
Can’t look into the head of the opponent.

Let me paint another picture. The opponent desperately wants to win this game, and plays on and on (maybe already pressed for time), and at the end resigns in desperation, not wanting to waste the time of the other player any longer (maybe already being ashamed for going on for so long).

Or … well, there are also other scenario’s possible.

Reportable or not reportable is not an issue as long as we don’t know the context.


That’s different than resigning after the game is ready to go to counting

Anyone has right to resign if they think that they lost. On any move. If they really tried to maximize territory even if there is no win chances anymore, its not stalling. If they always resign after pass, its bad manners but I don’t see why it should be reported. If only sometimes, it may be because phone call.


Note that the question does not ask about a verdict, it asks whether it is reportable.

If you ask “is resigning at the end of the game reportable”, the this is a fine question, and we have each given answers … which are along the lines of “yes, it probably is reportable”.

However, if you try to answer about a verdict for a particular game, then the question is “wrong” and should be “unasked”. Verdicts for particular games are for moderators to decide, rather than the court of public opinion in the forums.


But if they have no intention of going to to scoring then playing out the entire rest of the game just to resign does feel like they’re trying to waste my time.

Like what eiskaffee mentioned.

Two player play, finish playing, everythings done, Player2 looks at the final board, sees that hes behind and lower his head to acknowledge his loss.
It’s like saying: “okay, I don’t think we need to count. You win”

This is a very likely case. And I don’t see how that’s reportable as long as there’s no stalling by filling. Maybe they just wanted to play till the end to see how it goes. I also played with many people before OTB until the end and they just said “no need to count”.


I think it’s different online because counting takes only a few seconds. otb it’s a more involved process, which justifies resigning there


I don’t like when my opponent resign before counting but anyway it’s not a big offence if any, because we are online with tools so i can easely get the final score by myself.
Today’s problem is more with players running away as resiging, you don’t have to wait at least.


First, we don’t know whether the game is live or correspondence. Resigning like that would be a kindness in correspondence if someone has a lot of games going.

Second, other things are just as rude but not reportable (e.g., failing to greet an opponent, or deliberately timing out of a correspondence game).

Third, you can’t satisfy everyone. I’ve seen multiple people report resignations as cheating. I’ve also seen multiple people report passing to go to scoring as cheating. This is because people who want to humiliate their opponents can’t agree on which is more humiliating. Some think that forcing the opponent to admit defeat is more humiliating (resignation), and others think that scoring is more humiliating, because it shows the scale of the defeat.


I sometimes play to the end and resign just before scoring.

There are three reasons I might wait until just before scoring to resign a lost game:

  1. If I’m playing someone only a little stronger, or my strength, or weaker, and I’m “close enough”, I hope for a mistake in the endgame that I can punish, and pull out a late win. This bears fruit for me regularly enough (I guess my endgame is stronger than my opening and middle game).
  2. In any case, even against much stronger opponents or with massive deficits, I sometimes forget/neglect to count as regularly as I ought to (I’m lazy). Even though “estimate score” is fast, I try not to use it, because I find the feature simultaneously:
    • … too helpful, eliminating the useful discipline (and learning opportunity) of counting myself;
    • … not helpful enough, since its approximations are distracting.
  3. Or, other times momentum and stubbornness gets me to the end of the game, but then my better judgment kicks in just before scoring.

Why resign instead of going to scoring? When I resign, I’m saying at least one of:

  • “Well done; I concede!”
  • “I respect our time: we can skip the rest…”
  • “I’m sorry that I didn’t resign sooner. This was a lost cause!”

Also, the scoring interface is the part of OGS I like least, and I prefer to skip it.

To me, resigning is the ultimate concession and sign of respect, even if it comes late. I guess I don’t really grok the OP’s concerns.

That said, often enough I’ll go to scoring even when I know I’ve lost, even though I feel guilty/lazy when I do.

One exception (where I don’t feel guilty/lazy) is when I’m playing a handicap game with a much weaker player, in case they don’t really know why they’re winning or how much they won by, especially if it’s someone I’m about to give a review to. Most of the time I assume my opponent at least as good an understanding as I do though.


I see this finally like the shock of cultures. Players coming from the FTF world who won’t resign near the end because well that’s just embarassing when someone is watching you and so will transfer their ethics online and players born on the online world who interact in different way.


Assuming analysis ON, which isn’t standard for live games.

Still, I agree, for analysis ON games or correspondence games, it is very easy to count, and I wish more players made it a habit.