Resolutions for 2019 ^__^


It’s that time of the year again, time to make meaningful and meaningless resolutions with or without actual intentions to keep them, relating to go or something else, no one is gonna judge you!

Let me start, my resolutions for 2019!

I will start doing tsumegos again
I will gain at least one rank both on OGS and EGF
I will also finally try other go servers!

And I will also promise, that i’ll continue enjoying the great company of all of you splendid guys and gals of OGS!

Happy new year to everyone, let’s have an awesome 2019!


My resolution is to start a Go club in my city. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a lot on my plate this (well for me it’s still next) year.

Sleep longer, eat more junk food, work out less frequently, watch more series and movies, drink more alcohol, smoke.



To do list for the new year

  1. get life under control.
  2. carry dreams out.
  3. become happy.

  1. Try to play more games here
  2. Get back to doing tsumego every day.
  3. Restart my walking regimen
  4. Get back to reading 100+ books a year (not very realistic now that I’m moderating, but I can aspire to it)


I just disabled analysis in my settings.
Let’s try to read more! :wink:


I resolve to watch at least one Go lecture/YouTube video per week, and to study at least 2 challenging (for me) tsumego each day.


To simply enjoy the game.

Hmmmmm, I feel like I should do that as well, just a little push in the direction of improvement.


become 1d on ogs


You can do it


One of my correspondence partners said he wants to try and play one live game per day as his New Year’s resolution, so I joined in – and now we have a challenge going to see who lasts longer! It’s day #1 and a tie so far :stuck_out_tongue: (we both played one game).


When my mother asked me what my resolution was, I told her 1920 x 1080 :wink:


Hi all,

My resolution for the year are:

To learn Josekis
To do some more tsumegos
To become a solid SDK

What A Game!