[RESOLVED] Error 500 message

Hello I get an server error 500 message when I try to post a challange ,I can accept a posted challange from other players ,and have no trouble with the correspondence games .

Are you using a custom komi setting by any chance, where the box might be empty?

I think I read in another post when someone was challenging a bot that this was an issue.

Just a guess :slight_smile:

I will check ta.

As per our discussion in PM, this should help upload the screenshot

Then it should be just a matter of selecting the image from your device

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It is also possible to simply paste an image from your clipboard into a post. If you’re using Windows’ built-in Snipping Tool, you can take the screen capture, press ctrl+a followed by ctrl+c in the Snipping Tool, then ctrl+v when typing your post and it will upload the image automatically. (This is for Windows computers - I have no information on the best way to do this on Mac.)


Okay, from the first glance it seems the “periods” box is empty which our server probably cannot interpret. Adding a number should solve the issue.

There should be a number of how many times the player can exceed the byo yomi period before timing out (you can think of it as sort of “lives”)

Most often people chose between 3 to 5

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Grateful greetings yes that was it I noticed the period error as soon as I transferred the photo ,thanks for your assistance in solving that .


My pleasre.
These boxes really should not be deletable.


My guess wasn’t too far off :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @AdamR for teaching me how to upload screenshot (I did not know that)