[resolved] Goproblems down?

I assume it is not just me and others cant access goproblems.com either. Anyone knows something more?

also do you know some viable alternatives?
I know about gochild2009.appspot.com which I like as an idea but find the execution unbearable unfortunatly… :frowning:

didn’t get my daily dose of tsumegos for two days :frowning:

Hmm so both goproblems and josekipedia are down. I really like the (go-resources) link on the left side menu of OGS.


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Yeah, I wish we had some page summarizng all go resources. :smiley: Damn, that’s emberassing :frowning:
Thank you

http://www.ghost-go.com/ 54521 problems

Well to be fair it doesn’t have all of it, if you find anything you want added to the page be sure to let the devs know.

Goproblems.com is back up.


And BTW, while not as professional as goproblems.com, 321go.org is also a nice Tsumego site.

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