[Resolved] Most avatars have disappeared on Forums master page

Sometime in the last 2 hours, while my computer was on but unattended, all the avatars on the Forums Master page, except for the most recent poster, have disappeared. I closed and reopened to no effect. I have an HP laptop using an up-to-date Chrome.

Was connected these last hours, didn’t notice it happening here (opera on Android)

Interesting bug.

I don’t see that issue from my perspective, and @Groin reports nothing amiss, so perhaps the issue is session/machine-specific.

Could you try two things:

  1. Hard refresh (Ctrl+F5), which bypasses the cache to fetch a fresh page.
  2. Check on a different browser or even device (if possible) to confirm that it is not some sort of weird connection issue.
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Thanks for the responses. This may be a server problem, as I found I also lost one channel (TCM) from my cable at about the same time yesterday, which Verizon has said is due to a local problem that they are working on. (My cable and Internet are bundled.) I will sit tight.

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Verizon fixed the cable problem, but this problem still exists.

Edit: False alarm. Sorry everyone for wasting your time. I discovered that the cause was that the view was set to 125%, which knocks out the other icons for some reason (even though there is still enough room for them). The setting (which is different from the games page) must have been left over from the previous day. I usually use 110% (old eyes), but must have bumped it up to read some small print.

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