[RESOLVED] Offensive language filter catches my preferred usenrame


I’d like to use “mveytsman” as my username, which is my first initial and last name and my usual name online (e.g. I am github.com/mveytsman). I’m finding that this username is flagged by the offensive language filter and I’m unable to register with it or set my name to it.

I assume some substring is a rude word in a non-english language? Is it possible to help me get my usual username?

FWIW I tried to look into it at https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com but the offensive word filtering seems to be done on the server side which is not open source.



Hello ontoillogical and welcome to the forums. I have changed your username to your preffered version. (I kind of read between the lines, but am hoping that’s what you wanted rather than creating another account). For the change to reflect also here at the forums you will have to log out and back in here.

And yes, to confirm your observations the username filter is indeed done on backend to make it harder for some of our more common jokers to circumvent it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you so much @AdamR!!!


Hehe, not so much to thank me for, it was our fault in the first place. :wink: