Resource for making custom puzzles with randomised order?

Does anyone know of a program or website that I can create/import go puzzles, and do the puzzles in a random order? It would be nice if board orientation & colours could also be randomised.

OGS can do most of this, but afaik I can only complete puzzles in the sequence they appear in their collection, or I have to manually select each puzzle out of sequence.

I feel like it might not be too hard to add this as a feature.

I’m thinking something around here in the code

maybe it’s possible to just either add a second “Next” button, which just picks a random puzzle from the collection to go to, or a preference which overrides the behaviour of the current next button.

What would you think @benjito or @GreenAsJade etc?

I do actually think it could be a nice improvement, especially for decently sized existing puzzle sets.


Seems like the other button could be called “Random”.


These are the possibilities OGS offers.
Click on the wheel.

There are probably many programs that can do this. One I know is Drago:

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This should be a newly added feature now.