Resources for Learning?

I’ve been trying to get better, but (as expected) I’m not improving at all. Does anyone have online resources that can help me learn better tactics and better usage of them during the game?

  • Nick Sibicky videos
  • Dwyrin videos
  • OGS puzzles
  • Asking people here for reviews of your games
  • Asking people here for teaching games

I see you are 21Kyu and have played 50ish games.

At this level I wouldn’t worry too much about pro games or puzzles or fancy tesuji. Dwyrin’s videos are more SDK level so I wouldn’t worry about these either.

There is a proverb that says you should loose your first 100 games as quickly as possible so maybe just continue playing for another while to get the idea of the game. Nick Sibickys videos are good for your level tho if you want to watch lectures.

Any introduction book would be good as well. I read “In the beginning” when I was about your level and went up 4 stones in strength (This was the first book I read tho). Although I have seen bad reviews for it, I found it really good as it explained 2 space extension and enclosures and other basic material like this. So any introduction type book would be very valuable I think.

Also there tends to be pretty strong SDK players in the chat that are generous with their time for reviewing/Teaching games/ questions etc.

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This link has a number of online resources that are great for beginners.

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