Response to 4-4 low approach threw me - help? (21k)

In my current correspondence game, I played a “normal” low approach to my opponent’s 4-4 and his response totally threw me.

He contacted on the other side.

I had no experience of this, and in the absence of “insight” I went with “basic instinct” and haned. This turned into a complete disaster, with me having a group fighting for life and him building around the outside of it in two directions.

I can’t find this attachment response in any joseki or discussion, so I’m thinking that attachment by white must be a mistake, but darned if I can see how to punish it.

(the game has moved on, so I think it’s OK to talk about this position, only).

You might check

It’s not very comprehensive, but it might get you started.

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Thanks that’s a good resource to know about.

It says that this is the ideal response from white.

I’m left thinking, as white “now what!?”.

It seems odd that the outcome isn’t clearly in favour of white, given that blacks initial response is marked as “Mistake”

I made few comments on how to naturaly respond to wierd plays in your game. If its not in josekipedia basic instincts will be good most of the time. But I think you should not study josekis too much yet - just learn 3 or 4 basic ones max. Josekis will make much more sense later and only at that point they will be really useful. Understanding why hane at the head of two is powerful and such things are more important.

Btw if you want we can play teaching game where I will do wierd stuff like that in your game tomorrow. (message me if interested)

true. but the problem is, that for professionals a slightly worse outcome is already considered a mistake. it doesnt have to be a self atari :slight_smile:. the advantage gained might be a couple of points, an additional ko-threat or a small sente endgame. for us commoners it is very difficult to even spot these mistakes, nevermind exploit them. to “punish” therefore is a very relative term.

in the example i cant clearly tell you how to take advantage of the attachment either, but it looks like whites stone is up close against blacks iron pillar after she plays the shimari in the top right corner. being up against strenght like that makes a stone very weak. this should lead to a slightly better fighting position for black (no guarantee of even that much being true :expressionless:)

additionally just jumping into the corner after the attachment (as in the usual low pincer joseki) and playing the sequence out makes white look slightly awkward (or is it just me?).

EDIT: i used the original colors from the game, while you were talking about josekipedia… confusion.


Very true

Might be “confidece trap” (meme that players are most confident aroud 12k), but I think it leaves more weaknesses compared to normal pincer joseki, especially in that game. Also jumping into corner and playing joseki looks better then normal pincer although I dont like it in that game (Q5 Q6 stones)

EDIT: It might be fun and help improve game to go after these defects (imaginary or not) :smiley:

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