Restore branch in review?

Is there a way to restore a branch, specially the main game branch of a review of a finished game from OGS if you accidentally deleted it?


Something like a undo button?

If you accidently delete a branch you can command z to undo it. You can also copy and paste branches.

Does that work on a phone? Or if I delete it on my phone and then go to a computer :slight_smile:

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An undo button would be ok, except if you didn’t realise you deleted the branch, kept going with a few variations and then noticed.

I think I probably deleted the main branch by accident either by scrolling and tapping it by accident when going to delete another branch, or something similar.

I had to do a lot of deleting when reviewing on my phone (recently got a smaller phone when another one broke) so placing stones is sometimes off, or they get placed or branches swap while scrolling to write a comment etc.

But basically because the review is linked to the game - it’d be nice to not be able to destroy the main branch (game itself) or instead be able to restore it as the main line in the event you want to :slight_smile: