Restrict Rank - not let ? rank join game

Hi I would like to request this small thing which bugs me a lot. When I restrict rank when creating a game, I really don’t want to play ? players. But no matter what minimum rank I set, they can join. Is it possible to not let ? ranked join? Thanks for your help.

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Not a small thing.


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As far as i know about ranks the ? rank are new players where the exact rank isn’t known yet, they need to play at least 5 or so ranked matches before the system knows their rank. If the system doesn’t know their rank, how can it restrict someone from accepting a game.


Maybe a mod could merge the topics, as i don’t see the point to start a second topic on the same subject.

Because to know a rank you need to play ranked players. And not everyone want them to play only with bots.
You did get your own rank like that, didn’t you? You cannot just ask others to do the “dirty” job.

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i think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding, i tried to explain the op what the ? ranks are. their not technicaly a rank as like me when i started as that rank i haven’t even played a single ranked game. to get my actual rank i needed to play ranked. as far as i understand from the op’s message i think he/she ment they don’t want to play against players that aren’t in the range of ranks they specify but the system can’t exclude unranked as far as i know.

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O yes my bad i confused myself between the 2 avatars :disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::astonished:
So yes, we are in the same answers. Sorry, please read my answer as if i answered the op.

That’s something i appreciate. Better focuse on the game as the rating. Now the rating should help you some day to find more fair games (and fun) as this should be the main use of it.

Entering the rating is bit of harsh time as you play like in the middle of the rating scale (harsh for you and your opponents.) It takes some games to fix that. But i already mentioned my disagreement in other topics, especially in the way the system badly welcome beginners.

As mentioned this is discussed in Why does "restrict rank" allow ? players?

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