Restrict rank not working

I have had trouble with the restrict rank options for a couple months now. I have encountered two types of problems:

  1. Restrict rank does not allow me to change upper and lower bounds separately

Here it would always change the respective other setting to the one I picked. So upper and lower rank are always the same

Hasnt popped up since 2021

  1. Restrict rank does not actually restrict people from joining

A recent one that keeps happening. An example game froma couple minutes agao: I set a game for 12-18 and got joined by a 5k
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Sounds like you might be mixing up the two boundaries? It can get a bit confusing. The minimum ranking is the minimal strength of your opponent which in kyus is the BIGGER number. The settings do not allow inputs the other way around as it would made no sense and hence default to the closest possible settings which is one rank for both.

In a way it might also explain your other problem too. If that is not the case sharing a screenshot of your settings might help us look further.


I created a game restricted to 10-1kyu (“min: 10kyu, max: 1kyu”) and it was accepted by a 11.9 ± 4.9 kyu player (i.e. a new account).
Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding how “restrict rank” works?


There was some discussion of this around here:

Seems like the same problem. A new account showing as 6k and able to accept games on that basis.