Restrict Ranking Dropdowns Broken

When I try to create a Custom Ranked game the Restrict Rank dropdown boxes to indicate Max/Min Rank are unpopulated. There are no ranks to choose. Restrict Rank is enabled and when I disable Ranked the dropdowns do populate.

I’ve seen many posts about rank selection being inaccurate or using global rank (as opposed to live/blitz/long rank), that’s not my problem.

Thanks very much.

PS I’m using Firefox on osx 10.9.5

Interesting, what version of Firefox are you using?

Hey, looks like that was the problem. I was using 52.0.2 I think. I just updated and it seems to work fine now.

Thanks @anoek


False alarm, the bug is still present. I can refresh the page and the dropdowns will populate though so it’s workable.