Restricted rank game bug/request


When a game is made with the restricted rank setting, it allows unranked players, (players with ? instead of a rating), to play the game.

For example, I select 15-11kyu as the range of players I’d like to challenge, but an unranked player is able to take the match. so either they are very weak, or they are much better than me.

My suggestion: ~ limit unranked players to join ‘non-restricted’ rank matches, or unranked matches.

I am quite sure that this is not going to happen. If you want to make sure your opponent isn’t on a new account, look at the people posting open challenges or choose an appropriate title for your own game challenge.

Moreover, you’re free to inspect your opponent’s game history before you start a match and cancel if you don’t like what you see, but remember that excessive game canceling is “not done” here.

It’s neither in the spirit of the game, nor fair to people who just registered.


For sure, I play the matches out, I was new not so long ago.
Its something I’ve noticed though, where my opponent has the default rating of 1150 (i think) and shows a ? mark for their rank.

The purpose of the restricting rank option is to play an opponent within a certain skill range. I just want to ensure that the feature doesn’t have a bug.

There are two (visible) elements to a person’s ranking: the rating and the uncertainty.

You get a [?] next to your name when the uncertainty of your rating is high - which is typically when you just joined the server.

Freshly created accounts get a rating of 1150 and high uncertainty. They could be Dans or they could be noobs - who knows.

You get paired with them because their initial rating falls into the zone you specified.

When you beat them (if they are weak new players) their rating plummets (because they are not as skilled as you) and their uncertainty is reduced (because now we know).


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I understand, but if I was interested in playing a Dan or a 25kyu, I wouldn’t put a rank restriction on my match, I would leave it open to everyone. It seems to defeat the purpose of rank restriction.

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I was answering you concern about whether there is a bug.

It is a matter of policy that at OGS we encourage play with newcomers while their rank is stabilising (as smurph said).


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Thank you for clearing that up.


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You could try setting the game name to “No [?] ranks please”. I’m not sure if this would be considered good etiquette though.

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FWIW, setting the game name to express a preference is an accepted way of doing things.

I think the sense of it in this case is that if you’re going to cancel on [?] people rather than help them by playing them to get them a rank, then do put that message in to let them know.


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