Reveiw request 15k v 13k

This is the most confusing game I’ve played in a long time. I had no idea what to do for most of it, so any pointers as to how I should approach this kind of thing again would be greatly appreciated.

I’m playing black, 20m+3x30s

I think the game was fine for the most part, but after white N11 (no. 54) you should probably defend your P9 group by jumping out with N9. Later you had the chance again, but you played L11 and M11, which further buried your group for little in return. You can’t expect to win a fight there when all the surrounding stones are white. Losing the P9 group and the cutting stones made the game very hard for you. Before that, I thought you played well and had a good sense of which moves to play. So, just try to be more aware of which groups are weak and need help.


move 75 doesnt make sense (its not a threat to capture and make a false eye here looks quite ambitious as i dont see b going to capture w). Then by taking the initiative w can easely capture your group on the right side.

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Alright, major themes.

You seem to have a pretty serious case of “let’s follow my opponent around the board-itus” :wink:

In my quick overview, black almost always responded in the same area where white just played, even if white wasn’t attacking anything. This means white is essentially pushing you around the board and controlling where/when every fight happens. It’s hard to win when you are never controlling the action.

You may have already heard this, but I would focus on the following. With every move, ask yourself:
“Do I NEED to respond to that move?”

If yes, respond to it.

If no, ask: “Am I weak anywhere”? - If so, fix.
Then, “Is my opponent weak anywhere?” or, “Are there any big points I can take?” and play those moves.

I’ll see if I can do a more thorough review with examples later. Hope this helps!

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For white, capturing the 8 black stones on the right hand side is big (not to mention 6 more you gave away later). Did you ever consider helping that group?

Just for the fun, I posted a variation where black plays E13 to capture a white group.

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Thank you!