Reveiw request 15k vs 13k

I thought I was winning this game but my opponent managed to win, I would like to know what mistakes I made and how to fix them.


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Please tell me if there’s anything wrong with the review. I’ll never learn to give better reviews if noone ever tells me if my reviews are bad, lol. :wink:

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Thanks for the reveiw, I thought it was helpfull, especially the part about being over attached to one of my stones. The stuff about wasted moves was usefull aswell.


This is a review of the first 75 moves, where I think the game moved in white’s favour.

I recommend for you to read “Elementary Go Series, Volume 1 : In The Beginning” and “Elementary Go Series, Volume 3 : Tesuji”, then read them again when you become 10k.

You should also play games with appropriate handicap. The game is more enjoyable this way and will give you a better sense of your improvement. You would probably would have won that game given 2 handicap stones.

Have fun !!! :smiley: