Reveiw Request (7k vs 7k)

Hi there, I was wondering if someone could take a look at this game for me, point out where I really went wrong. I know I made this huge blunder at the end of the game that cost the game for me, but I feel there are many areas in the game that I’d like some advice on.

I have added a couple variations. Black’s groups look thin in this game, especially R6.


Thank you, I shall take a look when I get the chance my dude.

Edit: Update

I have just taken a look, because i was super desperate. I have to agree with what you said about the potential capture of the black dragon. That was something that i noticed myself when i was going over the game. Seems to me that a situation like that is what is keeping me going in many games. Where i get by because my opponant makes a mistake… and i dont want to be the sort of player that relies on players making mistakes to win, does that make sense? (Not that i won that game mind you.)

Also, i looked online, concerning the white stick in the opening of the game. I didn’t know what to do, but i know now that i should not have jumped i should have attached to the kosumi and followed a joseki there… but at the time, i didnt know it. i thought the jump out would be dfine, and it would have been if i hadnt tried to surround the outter white stone i think.

thank you for taking some time to look at my game thoguh i super appriciate it.

If at all possile could someone take a look at this game too?

heres a review for you :slight_smile:

for a short summary: i think your game needs a little more force :slight_smile:. you should try to pressure your opponents groups a little more when you have sente and, when you dont, think the extra second before answering. taking sente in the right moment is very important.

the game was won by your capture of a large white group that shouldnt have been captured (:stuck_out_tongue:) but the sequence was well palyed nonetheless! if it wasnt for that capture and the blunder on the left that lost you 5 stones, i think its a close game that black can probably win.

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Response to summery:

Yeah you are absolutely right about the capture being the reason I won… that much isn’t lost on me XD

I will go check out the review now and get back to you with my thoughts and such. But my game has always lacked force, I used to be known as a super passive player, so I’m not surprised that that hasn’t gone away.

Edit: Update.

Thanks again for reviewing my game, I super appreciate that. Everything you said made sense, and with that corner at the top right… that should have died like a million times over. I got lucky there, partly because it was a sort of blitz game I think.

Anyways. I was wondering if you had any ideas for improving my game? If there was one area of my game that needed the biggest amount of work done on it, what would it be, do you think?

Also, what part of my game did I do the best in? I seem a silly question, but if I know where I’m best then I can play toward that strength in my games… I hope?

And thank you again.

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well, obviously this is a tough question :slight_smile:, but ill try to answer it from what ive seen. i think your play is generally quite solid, you dont like creating/leaving weak groups on the board. that is a good thing (yes, there was the top right, but that was a shape issue, not a strategical one).

comparatively it seemed you were less aware of your opponents weaknesses, or, if you were, you didnt go all the way when attacking them. try to really make your opponent feel uncomfortable when you see a weak group. spotting a weak group is usually the difference between making points in sente/settling your own group in sente and doing it in gote.


Thank you very much for the response. I feel I have a good direction to look toward to improve my game. Thank you again.

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