Reversible 19x19 and 9x9

Does anyone know of a place selling a board with a 19x19 grid on one side and a 9x9 on the other? It’d be perfect for playing on myself and introducing friends to the game. I’ve looked around and all I can find are 9x9/13x13 or 13x13/19x19

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I’ve never seen a commercially produced 19×19/9×9 either. Probably cause the size difference would have the tiny 9×9 grid floating naked in a sea of wood. Not necessarily the best aesthetic.

There is always the option to make your own…

Though if you go down that road it’s only a couple dollars and a handful of minutes more to have ALL board sizes in whatever reversible combinations you desire. Maybe a 19×19/13×13 on one board, and a 9×9/7×7 on another. Just an idea.

This guy’s tutorial is probably the easiest to follow and make some decent-looking boards on the cheap.

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The aesthetic doesn’t really trouble me so much, as the 9x9 would be just for a few introductory games here and there. It’d just be nice to have the option. I kind of figured I was going to have to make my own. I’m fine with cutting and treating the wood, but I’m a little leery of doing the lines myself. I may just pay to have them laser cut.

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Laser cut or even printed ink will give you great results for sure. I just had my grid printed for $40, so it’s not super cheap if your goal is to keep costs down.

Otherwise, for 10 bucks at home depot you can get a drywall square and 2.50 more gets you a double-ended sharpie. Fine tip for the lines, extra fine tip for the hoshi points.

I guess wood is cheap so there’s no harm in trying it myself first and shelling out for the laser cut or printing when I inevitably draw the wonkiest lines anyone has ever seen.

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Lol just take your time, check the perpendicular edges for squareness, mark all your edge points in advance, and then connect the dots.

You know about the 3 4 5 method for making a perfect 90° angle?

I have also never seen one

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GoGameGuru did sell a 19x19 and 9x9 reversible board, but unfortunately it is no longer available.


Just for reference, I found a couple of 19x19 boards with 9x9 on the reverse from a Japanese website recommended on Cosmogo’s twitch page.

Available in plywood and spruce.

Shipping could be expensive though.


Kurokigoishiten seems to have some smaller boards (9x9, 13x13, and 9+13 combo) for sale, but I’m not sure if there is a 9+19 combo available right now.

Although not as nice as wood, it’s possible to fit a 9x9 grid on a typical (A4 or US letter) piece of paper. I made a few 9x9 boards by just printing on card stock.

Here are some printable grids:

You can also use pieces of paper/cardboard to mask off parts of a 19x19 board to make a smaller playing area.

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