Revert to previous UI and wait for a TESTED replacement

Is it possible to revert to the previous UI and allow time for the developer to fully test this disastrous UI we are trying to play under. I think the support for correspondence games has been mutilated to almost make it impossible to use.

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That’s most probably not going to happen.
The V5 update was tested in a public beta test. There is just so much 2 guys developing a complex web service can do.
Having a full-blown QA test stack isn’t one of these things.

However, they took another great step by open sourcing the frontend, so you can look forward to much more input on the actual code.


I agree it’s got some problems. But as someone who plays correspondence go exclusively, and on OGS exclusively for the moment, I think you are overstating the disaster a bit.

Regardless, we can’t go home again, as they say. The new UI code and the new server code are a package deal, and they need the latter.

We’ll just have to get the new one into shape together.


Also, DGS exists if the UI really is that unusable. I actually really like it, though I don’t play there. It’s pleasingly oldskool,and works perfectly even on the simplest hardware.

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If you have specific suggestions/complains about correspondence games perhaps someone can make those improvements/fixed for you. There’s already a greasemonkey script to order games in various ways, and now someone could add that to the official site via pull request.


I have tried to be as specific as I can but I am not a programmer.
What the * is greasemonkey and what the * is a pull request?
I just want to play Go!!

I was thinking of this trick someone came up with to sort correspondence games

It uses a Firefox plugin called Grease Monkey which lets you change web pages on the fly before you see them. Hopefully someone will just import those changes to OGS now so everyone can sort stuff nicely.

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Sorry I didn’t realize you already posted the issue to the github. I see anoek has assigned that task to himself.


You can still play go…


How so? My ~15 corr. games are all running fine (for my opponents, that is ;-))

[quote=“MacNala, post:6, topic:11000”]
What the * is greasemonkey and what the * is a pull request
[/quote]What the * is Google? Oh, wait, you didn’t ask that.

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Have you tried to end one? Scoring is having issues with stone removal acceptance.

That being said, I don’t think the new interface is unusable.


There are work around though, I posted this already in the other forum post. I myself haven’t had a issue ending the game yet(thankfully) as both me and my opponent are online as it comes to an end. So we finish up the endgame pass and then score the game.

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There are, and it seems to usually just be a visual glitch with the acceptance actually processing but just not showing up. It still makes for a difficult ending to correspondence games when you’re almost never on at the same time as your opponent.

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I’ll chime in with the OP. For me, a bug has (hopefully temporarily) rendered OGS utterly useless, as I can no longer configure custom games. Wonderful that this sort of thing is now tracked on Github and that folks can hop on a greased monkey and fix it (Is that what they do? I have no idea.), but navigating a bug jungle is not what I come here for. I think it’s great and amazing that people can build things with code, but I personally would rather use something that works than be part of an improvement test. In my experience, Github is where my not so well formulated tech questions go to die. When I hear words like “stack”, “script” or “pull request” I immediately think “hell hole,” and run for the nearest exit. Is there something wrong with just wanting to play go?

Thank you for your support. For those who might be thinking that I cannot use Google I did but I do not use Firefox so switched off quickly. I note there has been another change this morning the game board display has lost it move buttons to go back and forward to review a sequence. The analyse button does a good job but why change something that was not needing changed. I give up. As far as the order of games in a correspondence list is concerned I note that it is supposed to be fixed but it still does not show the games that are paused or opponent on vacation at the bottom.


I think you might be referring to StackOverflow, an online forum for asking technical questions. Often it also has answers.

GitHub is where open source projects without their own hosting arrangements go to be open source - even Microsoft’s new-generation dotnet framework is now living there happily. If you look carefully, I’m pretty sure you will find that you use other things that live there too.

This is how software gets made - either in public, in the case of open source projects, or in private, like everything else. I get that you don’t like seeing how the sausage is made, but it’s still the sausage.

This is an interesting diversion, though it’s entirely irrelevant to the problems you face (which are undeniably real). But, if you hold your nose and peer closely, one advantage of the open source model is that you can actually watch your bug get fixed in near real time. Cool?


Oh, I don’t recall whether I’ve ended a game since the upgrade :open_mouth: thx, I’ll have to watch out then, I guess.

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