Review 13x13

I feel like Could I have made my shape wider
and allowed white too much space on the sides

It’s a good question. With 60 points difference you can see that your objective was too cramped. In fact you were far too generous when sharing the corners. The corners are the places where it’s the most easy to take a lot a points, with only 2 boundaries to build instead of 4 in the center. So be more tough with the corners

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Thanks is this the same here?
my back is left open and white plays there is there way to prevent this

Yes absolutely. Now, no offense but you better play with opponents around your level as a opponent at top of the rating… It’s a bit like a toddler still learning to walk deciding to climb the Everest alone. I mean for not being completely overwhelmed, for having a bit more freedom and fun.

thanks I play people my level as well.
so how I would I prevent this
just in general

Let’s take the board at move 13.
Left side you have 2 4x4 stones alone in the corners, nice. But white occupy the ideal extension in the middle and destroy the influence of these stones. Wrong.

On the right side white just took a huge corner on the top. In exchange you have a group a bit too far from the edge (5th line) with some life potential but not that much points. W is in the lower right corner.
Conclusion: you are already late in the balance of the game.
To see how to share a corner, you can check the joseki section (menu on the left)
Avoid to play on 5 line at the beginning too.

Thanks for the info some bots don’t share corners and just fight tho

Play humans, they are fun

yeah they can help you review

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Yeah that’s one of the nice things to play with them

finally beat the bot