Review: 15k vs 11k (Please help me with my middle game!)

I’ve spent a lot of time attempting to become comfortable with the opening, but I always reach a certain point around the middle of the game where I feel uncomfortable and unsure of what to focus on. This game I felt relatively calm until my opponent played tengen. I know I made a few blunders in this game, but since I’m newer at the game I’ve just been trying to focus on trying new things rather than outright winning games. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi mterrel,

Here’s my two cents:

Basically, middle game is all about attacking, so the focus should be groups without eyes. Just be careful of weaknesses in your shape while attacking.

Overall great game - well done!

Paul_Murphy, thanks for taking the time to look at my game, it really helps! I think I’m in general unsure of how to attack weak groups so I will try to identify and attack in the future :slight_smile:

Glad it was useful. If it helps, I think we’re all unsure how to attack (well, I’m only speaking for SDK players). It’s just something you pick up along the way.

The basic principle is that you play on your weaker side and push your opponent towards where you are strong (aka thickness).

One way I learned is from my opponents. Try going back to your games and see how they attacked you, and if it made you feel uncomfortable then find out why and maybe you can add the move/idea to your repertoire.

Have fun!