Review 19k VS 17K game


I just finished playing a game against a 17k, and lost by a fair margin. During most of the opening I felt I was doing OK, and have written up a review myself of mistakes I think I made. I didn’t play out a lot of variations, just tried to highlight for later reference (for myself) where I made the largest mistakes that I noticed.

I’d appreciate any tips, suggestions on things to practice, and any corrections to incorrect thinking/assumptions. Specifically tips on the opening would be great, as I felt like it was going fine at the time, but afterwards I felt white had a much better position than me heading into the midgame.

The game is here

Thanks in advance!


heres your review. contrary to what you felt, i didnt get the impression you were behind going into the midgame at all. i thought you were doing very good! many missed opportunities and what we know as “puppy go” led to you falling behind.
try to be more alert to your opponents moves. look for weaknesses and attack them, question your opponents moves. noone plays perfectly, and certainly not any kyu player ^^. always try to see if there are more important things you can pursue, if yes —> ignore.


The shoulder hit 9 looks wrong to me it did give white a lot and too few to you. White didn’t answer properly to your approach of the corner so it would be better to put pressure on that corner like in the review up and then attack the white stone on the edge from up or from the other side.


@kickaha - Thank you for the review! I’ve gone through it, and actually feel much better about how I played than I did before posting here. I definitely have to work on making my moves work together more, and your advice on how I should have played in the bottom right corner is invaluable (I often have this problem :P). I’m also going to make more of an effort to see where I can prevent enemy groups from joining up.

@violaine - I agree completely (I said in my own review that the move felt odd). I much prefer the moves played in the review to attack the corner.


Haven’t heard that one before. Please enlighten me. :thinking:


sure :slight_smile:, i thought it was common enough. the term is probably somewhere on senseis library, but ive heard it a lot around here as well.

puppy go means timid play, where opponent moves are answered locally, seemingly habitually and without much thought. by letting your opponents dictate the pace of the game and following them around the board, opportunities to tenuki, counterattack or otherwise steer the game in a winning direction are usually left unexplored.

EDIT: an additional detriment could also be, that defending without cause prevents a player (especially a beginner) from ever finding out whether the defense was necessary.


Thankyou kickaha and even though this belongs in another thread…