Review 21 v 20 9x9

I’m just getting back into go after a couple of years out, and was rather surprised I won this game!

I’d love to some feedback - what random lucky moves did I make that allowed me to win this game?

My 20k ish opinion:

I’d say killing the bottom group with D1 was the winning move. That gave you nearly half of the board with a lot of influence towards the rest. Your opponent effectively only had two useful stones left on the board and had to start over. You only had to play stones from that point on. Accounting for reductions, even though white lived at the right, he couldn’t possibly gain enough in the top left to make up for the loss.

To be honest, if I was white I would have resigned at after D1.

left my thoughts on the moves of both players in the review. Not a badly played game by either, but a few key points were missed by both.

white effectively lost the game when he allowed his stones at the bottom to die. there were a few additional mistakes he made later that widened black’s lead a bit, but on a small board like the 9x9 the loss of a single group that concentrated is generally the kiss of death.

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Surrounding a group and killing it by moving on its vital point… I would not call that “random lucky moves”. :slight_smile: