Review 7k vs 7k - cutting and fighting type game

7k vs 7k.sgf (7.2 KB) - downloadable pdf.
medis vs. KingGinko [ 7k vs 7k ] OGS link
I am looking for a stronger player to review the strategy of the game, most importantly, white’s strategy, which is what I played here.

Ive uploaded the review I made where I commented my thought process during the game’s fuseki, fights and other questionable moves I didnt know what to do at the moment but thought the idea was more or less correct.

Hopefully the descriptions are understandable. - Happy new year :smiley:

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No link on OGS? I didn’t succeed to open your sgf using my phone, quite tiedous task.

OGS link:

I’ll review it when time allows. Others are welcome to in the meantime.

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I didnt realize about the inconvenience, ill edit with the link right now.

Thank you very much :smiley:

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I don’t understand why noone played K4 for a long long time (stayed like 100 moves unfixed)

P9 is unnecessary move like some others. Avoiding to play these kind of moves will surely increase your strength.

P9 lose you almost nothing (a possible ko threat here? Maybe not) In other similar situations you may lose much more like losing access to different options.

So until i tenuky away from k4, you found the sequences leading up to k4 were good? Any ideas for improvement on attacking and the way I defended some groups?

P9 honestly was a thoughtless move, hehe

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I dunno exactly i don’t share always same opinion like cutting this early and then pulling out to the center your stones looked a bit doubtful (heavy at least)i would complain more on your opponent too so…

This game record has my comments. In sum, consider alternative moves in local fighting and make sure you select the most efficient one. “Efficient” is often synonymous with “forceful” and “impactful” (literally, maximizing the effects of your stones—the things they do on the board). I think a renewed awareness of sente and gote could also benefit you.

Please let me know if you have questions. I’m happy to clarify any vague points.


What would a renewed awareness of sente and gote be?

Thanks for the comments, will look at the soom today! :smiley:

It involves more deeply considering each move that seems to give up the initiative. There were one or two sequences you labeled as finished sequences where you could have omitted a move and played elsewhere. I noted them in the game record.

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I just went through the review, thank you very much for the input and marking the poor moves.

I do have a question, the E17 move, the split and cut for reducing territory, a local tactic that has higher priority than strategic objectives; I had ultimately decided for a strategic objective for the same reason you said not to save the three stones on the left, which was that there were more pressing moves on the board. The question is: Is the push and cut at E17 high priority because it destroys blacks territorial results on the top side while increasing my own territory in the local? That sort of local move isnt considered to be putting too much into one corner?

Anyways, once again thanks for checking out the game, ill be looking out for moves and situations that you iterated were not doing much other than a single thing. Thank you :slight_smile:

The value of the push and cut at E17 was elevated for two key reasons. First, the corner territory itself held considerable value. Second, because White had vulnerabilities on the left, playing there removed a possibility from Black to stabilize the black group in sente. This factor also reduced the effectiveness of the game move, since Black could easily stabilize in response.

Your attention to nuances like these will undoubtedly enhance your future gameplay. Keep it up!


The fights are so pleasant to watch.

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there is something intoxicating about fights