Review all my games?

I decided to just make one big post where I will submit all my games for review, Beside each game will have the ranks of the players and who reviewed the game so people know the games that have been reviewed.

I review each game myself beforehand so I will list moves that I believe should of been made and would like to hear your input on it, for if i am right or wrong.

I would like reviewers to be 10kyu and up if possible. Thank you all in advance for the reviews 14kyu vs 3D
For this game I think i played okay up until move 43, attacking the lower right would of been better and for move 67 I should of blocked at D3 instead to make a box. 14kyu vs 3D Reviewed By Mark5000
I think my first big mistake was cutting on move 31 it really didnt do much for me, pulling back would of been better. Another huge mistake that happen throughout the whole game was that I kept losing sente and i missed the big moves i should of attack the lower right much sooner.

Here’s one-half of a review for the second game. Enjoy!

PS: You’re getting better. :slight_smile: