Review and Improvement: Can anyone review this game and let me know on what I should improve on? Thanks

So it’s tough to review a game with such a huge point difference, but here are a few general themes I see throughout:

  1. Stay connected. You let yourself get cut to pieces repeatedly, often losing groups because of it. Try and look for cutting points and defend them, or play moves that won’t create big cuts. For example, getting cut at move 60 (and 62 to finish it) was really bad. You probably could have snaked that group out and survived if it didn’t get cut like that.

  2. Be careful when deciding to tenuki. You leave weak groups open to attack a lot. An example of a bad tenuki was move 31.

I think the biggest thing though, which is super common at your level, is that the way you attack actually helps your opponent solidify territory. Read out which attacks will keep sente, and which moves may be forcing but actually just end up forcing your opponent to solidify their position.

Side note, it looks like you may have studied some joseki. That’s not a bad thing, but your play reflects that you understand the sequences, but not why those sequences exist, and thus end up not knowing how to reply once the joseki is completed. I’d focus on play more than study for a while. Figure out for yourself why some things work and others do not. That being said, some tsumego might serve you well.

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I agree with @pbgarden about the general comments. I went ahead and made a review that can show some of this. Hope it helps!


Thank you guys very much. Really appreciate you all for taking the time to review my games. I feel frustrated with myself on how many bad moves I’m making and not progressing as fast as I would like. But I will look at your reviews, keep playing and continue to improve on my skill