Review appreciate

Hi guys,

would love to have my game reviewed.

Topic: - Big points in Sente
- Generell fuseki
- If possible tenuki habits

Thanks so much=)


Sorry but I am not skillful enough to help you do game review


I did a small review (1k EGF). I feel that you do not have a big mistake but lost points little by little, so I put many short comments. Feel free to contact me if you have a question.


Hi there,

The biggest point you missed in the first 40 moves was R9, extending from your enclosure and attacking White. The next biggest was D6, where either player could profit in sente. Because D6 was sente, you should have played D6 first and then tenuki to a big point like R9. You had several chances for this combination. The first was moves 15 or 17, where you could play D6 and then enclose the lower corner to reduce the lower-side value. Later, after you enclosed the corner, D6 was still important. But the biggest follow up became R9 for the reasons mentioned.

It might help to focus on the meaning of sente. Sente means initiative. And the player with sente controls the flow of the opening—indeed, the game. As a result, moves that are sente AND make profit are the holy grail of opening moves, so you must look hard for them. Thinking in this way could have led you to D6. As for enclosing and R9, those are conventionally big opening points, and the subject of many instructional books and videos. So it’s good to give them due value in your mind.

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