Review Button

I have noticed that there may be some hesitancy to ask for a review from a stronger player.

I wonder if a button at the start of a game would be useful to indicate that both players would be interested in a review.

That takes the guessing game out of whether or not to ask for a review from someone who would rather not be asked.

Both players would have the option of pressing the “open to review” button. The same button would be indicating that they are open to both giving or receiving a review.



I’m not sure that asking everyone to have to chose everytime if he’s open to review would have a positive feedback.

IRL it’s quite common in my own experience to have at least a quick view on what we played, but habits seem to differ online. Maybe it takes too much time and effort or maybe the motivation are not the same?

Promoting review may still be something interesting, so another suggestion could be a global switch in player settings (well usually you are open to review more as one specific game).

That switch will light on/off some indicator that you are open to review.

Or if we want to keep the possible choice for each game, the switch will ask for the default choice so that you don’t have to repeat for each game.

Maybe a good place to show the indicator would be in the small popup window when you click someone name? (Besides a more extensive one in the players profile ofc).