Review for game, 15k

I feel like in this game i played to small in the early game and played really subpar in the middle-game.
In the end i didnt get punished for it and was able to break into my opponents mojo really severely (if 115 at o14 then m14 kills the 4 stones in the middle and still leaving some potential for reduction). I think I should’ve played the 3-3 invasion in the top right before reducing his mojo (around move 90 i guess). Would that have been a better play?

However i would love to get some qualified opinion on what i should have done better.
I feel like i didnt attack him enough and only won because he could’ve fought better for the middle.

Here’s the game:

The focus should be in the middle, but even so, black is not enough, the problem should be more ahead.

You were definitely winning by move 90, so I wouldn’t focus on that part too much. I left some comments on weaknesses you left behind, which is kind of weird because you thought you played too small in the early game, and normally you play small because you’re too afraid to leave weaknesses behind. But you left weaknesses behind even while playing small! Pay attention to that in deciding to play even bigger moves.